Extreme 50 - Overview

TOP SPEED = 43.35 knots

Extreme50 Extreme 50, is the newest creation of Lindsay Cunningham, who designed the current speed sailing record holder, Yellow Pages Endeavour (YPE). The new rigid sail is of smaller aspect ratio than YPE's and is assymetric in profile. The wing can also be inclined 3 degrees to windward, like on a windsurfer. To increase the sail area to the C class, the wing can be extended below the support beams. The leeward support beams, have a wing flap, which provides additional lift at takeoff, and added down pressure on the hulls for increased stability at high speeds. There are now 4 smaller inclined foils on the rear hull for directional stability. The improved design should increase the performance over YPE by about 14% according to the designer. In winds of 18-20knots, Extreme 50 has reached 43.35 knots

(Translated and summarized from Voiles & Voiliers)

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