Hydroptere - Overview

TOP SPEED = 25-30 knots

The Hydroptere is a hydrofoil trimaran. Two angled surface piercing foils are mounted on the outer hulls, while an inverted T foil is mounted aft of the central hull and acts at the same time as a rudder.
Alain Thebault, a French man, is the originator of this project. With the financial support and technical expertise of Dassault-Aviation, French Navy, and naval architects Marc Van Petegem and Vincent Lauriot-Prevost, a 1/3 scale prototype was build and tested in 1994.
A full scale boat, LOA 18.28m (60ft), BOA 23m (75ft), Sail Area 250m^2 (2685ft^2), and foils of 10m (32ft) long has been build and is undergoing trials. The boat is designed to pulverise long distance records in favorable conditions (constant windspeed, reaching to broad reaching, calm waters). In these conditions, Hydroptere should be able to maintain average speeds of 25-30 knots relatively easily.

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