Open 60 Multihulls - Overview

Speeds up to 35knots

The Open 60' Multihull Class was created in 1987 in an effort to reduce the escallating construction and operation costs of the then existing maxi-multihulls (Charente-Maritime II, Tag Heuer, Jet Services, ...). These catamarans, trimarans, even proa's, upto 26m (85ft) long, were mainly a franco-french class, and were very popular in the early 80's. But they became victim to their own success, trying to build bigger and faster boats, less sponsors were willing to put up with the rising costs. At that time the Open '60 class came into existance. Only multihulls of max 60' LOA would be permitted to participate in the existing race circuit (Route du Rhum, La Baule Dakar, Semaine de Brest, ...). The class has been very successful in France and England ever since then, and has seen great many inovations and constant evolution.