Official Rules Speed Sailing Records

The International Yacht Racing Union/World Sailing Speed Record Council (IYRA/WSSRC), with offices based in England, sets rules for and ratifies sailing speed records. To be considered for a record, a sailor must provide at their own expense an IYRU/WSSRC-approved observer, a surveyor's measurement of the prescribed 500-meters course, calibration of all stopwatches by a certified authority, and radio-equipped timing equipment at both start and finish. Data from a record-breaking run is submitted to IYRA/WSSRC for ratification.
Records may be set in any of five classes according to sail area:

ClassSail Area (m^2)Sail Area (ft^2)
Under 10m^2 Up to 10 Up to 107
Class A 10 to 14 107 to 149
Class B 14 to 22 149 to 234
Class C 22 to 28 234 to 298
Class D Over 28 Over 298

From SAIL Magazine, June 1992