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AYRS is dedicated to finding out how to make yachting better (faster, more fun, whatever you want it to be). Our members run from sober-sided professional yacht designers and builders to bearded eccentrics full of ideas that they cannot make work. From our members have come the winged keel, modern sailing multihulls, self-steering gear, sailboards, a flock of successful sailing hydrofoils, the World Speed Sailing Record system, etc etc. Now people are taking off with kiteboats and autogyro-sails, and the first amphibious bicycle!

Membership is open to anyone interested in the improvement of yachts and equipment through research and development. AYRS is a UK registered Educational Charity (No 234081)

About AYRS
Who are we? How does one buy back-publications? How much? How can you participate? Here's the site for answers. Includes information on joining the Society, and a list of all publications, price list and ordering information.

Catalyst - a Journal of the AYRS
January 2000, AYRS launched its new Journal - Catalyst - "a thing acting as a stimulus in bringing about or hastening a result". Get more information and read sample articles.
AYRS' IndexM
Full index of every AYRS publication, 1955 to 1996. Fully keyword searchable. Links to sources to purchase all back issues.
AYRS EventsM
List of current and anticipated events, both those organised by AYRS and others of interest. (Contributions welcome! Email the AYRS Hon Secretary!) (See also Speedsailing Rules and Frequently Asked Questions)
AYRS Newsletters are now online!M
AYRS is carrying their Official newsletter on the World Wide Web. AYRS members receive these on paper in the months indicated. You can get back issues here!
AYRS Back PublicationsM
Learn how to find, search, and order more than 120 of our archived publications!
Photo galleryM
A series of "Those Wonderful Men and Their Flying (Sailing) Machines." From the AYRS Speedweeks, 1995, 1996 and 1997.
Cedric Savineau's Speed Sailing siteM
Cedric Savineau created a well known speed sailing website while a student at MIT. Upin his graduation, the University eventually deleted this great resourse. It's back, updated, with new photos, specifications and articles on the boats. Check it out!
Questions about AYRS?M
Who are we? How does one buy back-publications? How much? How can you participate? Here's the site for answers.

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