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AYRS has a rich heritage. In existence since 1955, AYRS publishes 2-4 cutting edge yachting and boating technology booklets/year. After more than 4 decades, AYRS is currently in the process of printing booklet #124, with #'s 125 and 126 in the works. Over 9,300 pages of information!
MMCovering subjects as diverse as hydrofoils and offshore junk rigs, wind vanes and winged keels (*before* Michael Fey), if you think you know something new "under the sun" or somone tells you they've discovered something new, best check the AYRS archives first.
You can search the AYRS indexM
Our comprehensive index covers publications 1-122, is profusely cross referenced, and *very* comlete. Check it out!
You can learn how to order back AYRS publicationsM
AYRS back pubs are available at very reasonable costs. We sell back publications at prices varying from £5.00 for our latest pubs, to £1.50 for some of the older, smaller issues. MAny of our back issues are available only as photocopies, prices and pub numbers are available.
You can read excerpts of AYRS publicationsM
You can see the following publications excerpted and/or reviewed. Have a look! (Members; would you like to write a review?)
#120, "21st Century Sailing Multihulls"M

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