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The French "college" boat, "Techniques Avancées", is claiming the "D-Class" (Unlimited sail area) speed record with a speed of 42.1 Knots, set on 24th June. This beats Yellow Pages Endeavour's record of 41.69 knots.

"Techniques Avancées" is a catamaran-foiler built in 1988/89 as a project at the French Ecôle Nationale Superieure de Technique Avancées (School of Advanced Technology). Over the years, it has recorded steadily advancing speeds, from 25 up to 35 knots, as improvements have been made in the equipment. The foils, in fact, seem to have been critical to its performance, and a great deal of work seems to have gone into making improvements. At one point they seem to have decided to limit the speed in order to avoid foil problems. A new set of foils has cured that.

Those who can read French will find the story on the Internet at <>. Those who cannot will have to be content with the description and pictures on page 15.

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