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Kitesailing Progress

William Roeseler & David Culp


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Each entry includes a short synopsis of the project and a contact address. The directory is alphabetized by the person's or company's name involved.

(NB: These names and addresses were substantially accurate in 1989. They may not be now (1995)--ed)

Advanced Sailing, Inc. Dr. Enrique Petrovich has designed an unusual 3 hulled catamaran (not a trimaran) connected through a pivoting mast to a "captive kite". This doesn't strictly qualify as a kite powered boat, but the kite-rig principle is the same: 620 SE 18th Ave., Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, 33060.

Amateur Yacht Research Society. The AYRS is a British society which deals with all aspects of amateur research and development. They have published several short books specifically on the subject of kitesailing, also numerous short papers on the subject. A list of available publications is available for a S.A.S.E. (international postage). This is a great clearinghouse-type organization. Membership is $25 per year: 10 Boringdon Terrace, Turnchapel, Plymouth, England, PL9 9QT.

Steve Callahan, noted naval architect and professional skipper. Author of Adrift, a chronicle of his 78 days at sea on a life raft. Steve's been trying to put together a kite powered Atlantic crossing and is looking for sponsors and suppliers: Box 277, RFD 2, Ellsworth, Maine, USA 04605.

Dave Culp Speedsailing. Dave designs, builds, and races high speed kiteboats. He flies a 5-12 stack of Flexifoil Super 10's; and a 3-7 stack of Flexifoil Special 12.5's. Projects include a 4 boat series of 26-30 ft proas for Stewkie Ltd. in England (1978-82), the 16 ft planing proa, Whigmaleerie (1986-88), kite drawn waterskiing gear (1988-89), and a 14 ft planing catamaran (1988-89). Dave Culp is also editor and publisher of Kitesailing International: 2004 Silver Lake Way, Martinez, California, USA, 94553.

Ian Day. Ian and his team literally put kitesailing on the map. Their 20 ft converted Olympic class Tornado catamaran was flying with a mammoth 15 stack of Flexifoil Super 10's (300ft2) in 1978. They held the world record for C-class unlimited speedsailboats from 1982-88. They currently are sailing a 30 ft hydrofoil supported canard configuration trimaran: 19 Carisbrooke Court, New Milton, Hampshire, England BH25 5US.

Giles Durand. Giles designed and built the computer optimized O-PAF system. It's a patented surface sensing hydrofoil trimaran pulled by high aspect ratio 22 m2 parafoil kite of his own design. Very unusual, very fast: Route DuPoteau des 3 Seignuers, La Villeneuve, 78120 Rambouillet, France.

Dan Eisaman. Dan sails an 8 ft inflatable raft pulled by a 60 ft2 parafoil kite. Dan has crossed 4 of 5 Great Lakes and plans to cross Lake Superior in the summer of '89. He wants to tackle the Atlantic next: 26521 Barrington Rd., Madison Heights, Michigan, USA 48071.

Flexifoil. Ray Merry and Andrew Jones developed and patented this kite in the 70's. Their product has become more or less the standard in the field, due primarily to the great power and durability of the kite: Ray Merry, Box 290, Lavallette, New Jersey, USA 08735. Andrew Jones, September Cottage, High Street, Brinkley, Near Newmarket, Suffolk, England, CB8 0SF.

Ed Gillet. Veteran kayaker and sailor; completed a solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean, Monterey, California to Kauaii, Hawaii, in the Summer of 1987. He paddled/kitesailed a stock Tofino double kayak with a single line Jalbert J-15 parafoil kite. His trip took 64 days: 1310 Rosecrans, San Diego, California, 92106.

Roger Glencross. Designed and is experimenting with a hanglider/floatplane connected to a "hapa" (a free swimming, paravane-like device, it acts as a centerboard without a hull) of his own design: 6 Melville Ave., W. Wimbleton, London, England, SW20 0NS.

Pierluigi Greppi. Greppi designed and built a 39 ft lightweight aluminum trimaran and flies a 10 stack of Flexifoil Hyper 16 kites (500 ft2 total). This very ambitious boat is afloat and is experimenting with a smaller rig. The team is working on a sophisticated self launch system for these very large kites: Largo Richini 6, 20122 Milano, Italy.

Kitesailing International, a bi-monthly newsletter, published by Dave Culp Speedsailing. It is the only newsletter devoted exclusively to traction kiting. Subscription is $12/yr (6 issues) domestic and $21/yr foreigh: P. O. Box 1715, Martinez, California 94553.

Kitesail Progress. Kite drawn waterskier .This father/son team includes Bill, an aeronautical engineer, and Cory, an engineering student and keen competition water skier. The Roeselers fly from a 2 stack of Flexifoil Super 10's, to a 5 stack of Flexifoil Special 12.5's. They're trying for the unlimited world record of 44 mph. Cory won his division at the JWISS championships in England in 10/88, and confidently claims unmeasured speeds above 35 mph: Cory Roeseler, Box 255, 6850 El Colegio Rd., Goleta, California, USA, 93117. Bill Roeseler, 10858 Valiente Ct., San Diego, California, USA, 92124.

James Labouchere. Designed and built the 39 ft superventilated hydrofoil supported airplane configuration trimaran, Hydrosled. It flies a 38 ft radio controlled "glider-sail". This promising boat has never sailed, but is built full size; the sail is currently a one fourth scale model. The project is looking for funding: Kington St. Michael, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, SN14 6JR.

Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux. The Legaignoux brothers have developed and patented an innovative inflated armature curved kite capable of being launched and relaunched from the water by a solo sailor/waterskier. They have spent 4 years working on the kite and on special waterskis for speedsailing and sport sailing: 26 Chemin de Kernotter, 29000 Quimper, France.

Richard Newick. World famous multihull designer; Newick boats always finish first. Richard has expressed a keen interest in the kite sailing concept and is soliciting commissions to develop/design world-class kitesailboats: RFD, Box 309, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA, 02568.

Troy Novarro. Another kite drawn waterskier, Troy flies a 3-9 stack of Flexi Super 10's and a Skurferª water-ski/surfboard. Troy hand holds his kites (no harness) and looks great on the water. He skis very fast and is the world's first (only?) kite-hot dogger: P. O. Box 3813, Liuhe, Hawaii, USA 96766.

Tony Rusi. Boeing aircraft engineer and avid boardsailor, Tony's interested in kite, board, and fin design for kite powered waterskis and sailboards. He crewed, along with Dave Culp, for Skysail Progress at the JWISS championships in England in 10/88: 4269 148th Ave. NE #D101, Bellevue, Washington, USA, 98007.

Theo Schmidt. Flies kite drawn waterskis, snow skis, mud skis, and a back packable inflated hull 16 ft catamaran. He flies a 1-3 stack of Flexi Special 12.5's from a self launching control bar/line reel. His interests also include human and solar powered vehicles, both land and water: Rebackerweg 19, 4402 Frenkendorf, Switzerland.

Lee Sedgwick. Champion American kiteflier, innovator of "solo flying" stunt kites through upwind ground stake. Also innovator of quad line flying; bridling kite stacks with 4 line controls to give the flier full control of the kite's pitch as well as yaw and thus power as well as pinpoint accuracy. In addition, Lee was kiteskiing on ice and snow, probably before the term was coined: 1584 Edgewood Dr., Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, 16509.

Skyrods®. Red McClarran sells aftermarket hollow graphite spars for Flexifoils (among other kites). These lightweight spars allow Flexis to fly better when wet. Red claims other advantages; quicker response and lighter wind capability than with standard spars (all true). Of course, any hollow spar will be more fragile than the solid stockers: Box 750, Rockaway, Oregon, USA, 97136.

Stewkie Ltd. Keith Stewart has built and raced kiteboats since 1977, typically 20-30 ft displacement proas. He flies "aerodynamic balloons" of his own design. These are inflated polyurethane kites; delta, semicircle, and rectangular planforms, usually inflated with helium. Top speeds about 20 mph. aslo developing inflatable hulled boats: Manor Farmhouse, Melbury Osmond, Dorset, England, DT2 0LS.

UpSki® Inc. These are large (600ft2), controllably vented round parachute/kites. Designed and built for snow skiing upslope and on the flats. Inventors Phil Huff and John Stanford have put great emphasis on safety and have sold enough of these to offer organized races and to offer charter UpSki adventures worldwide: Box 1269, Frisco, Colorado, USA, 80443.

John Waters. John is a professional kiteflier for Catch the Wind kitestores. He's probably one of the first to sand ski--on the soles of his shoes--along Oregon beaches; first with 6-8 stacks of Flexi Super 10's, later behind converted parafoil sport parachutes. John is often seen at altitudes of 25 ft and at speeds of 25 mph: Catch the Wind, 266 SE Highway 101, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA, 97367.

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