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Biographical Information

Billy Roeseler: BS, MS Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT, Associate Fellow, AIAA, 17 years research in traction kite power, 30 years practicing engineer, commercial and military aircraft, founder and former CEO, Kiteski Inc., Currently Boeing engineer assigned to Joint Strike Fighter.

Dave Culp: Studied at Stanford, UC Davis, NAEBM/Westlawn. Designs and builds kite powered high speed sailcraft. Kite drawn entries at John Player World Speedsailing Trials, Weymouth, England, 1978,79,80; Johnnie Walker World Speedsailing Trials, Weymouth, England, 1986,87; Ned Snead Invitational Speedsailing trials, Lake Buchannan, Texas, 1990. Editor of Kitesailing International newsletter.

Theo Schmidt: BSc, University of Wales, Physical Oceangraphy, Electronic Engineering, kite traction research 1980-1985, solar/human powered vehicle development 1985-1990, also solar hydrogen, currently working on stirling engines, solar and human powered boats, vehicle safety study, board member: Amateur Yacht Research Society, Ingenieurbuero Schmidt, CH-3612 Steffisburg, Switzerland.

Cory Roeseler: BS Mechanical Engineering, UCSB, Professional Kite flier, World Champion Kiteskier, 42 mph Speed Sailor, Co-Inventor of Kiteski, currently employed by Hood Technology Corp., Hood River, OR, developing systems for active control of sound and vibration.

Richard Wallace: BS in Naval Architecture from Michigan, MBA from Wharton School, and a career spanning over 20 years with Booz Allen, Stevens Yachts, Texaco, International Energy Agency (Paris), Majestic Shipping Services, and Papachristidis Ship Management Services, Ltd. (London). He is also the only one in the world who has flown a rigid wing kite (L/D>10) with an autopilot under radio control.

Andrew Beattie: Designer and builder of soft traction kites. An enthusiastic newcomer, with the cheek to stand on the shoulders of long standing experts in the hope of beating them. Often to be seen disrupting rec.kites on Usenet news.

Tag McGeer: Phd MIT, Former Chief Scientist Aurora Flight Systems, Currently founder and CEO The Insitu Group, designers and builders of a class of low cost, long endurance, unmanned air vehicles for scientific research on the oceans and atmosphere of our planet.

Russell Long: product of Harvard, MBA Columbia, PhD CIIS, America's Cup Skipper, held 7 world records in speedsailing--still holds Class A record over 40 kts on Trifoiler Longshot, second fastest boat sailor in the world, currently Director, Bluewater Network, Earth Island Institute, an environmental advocacy organization.

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