Speedweek '97

Portland Harbour, Dorset
27 September-3 October, 1997

Here are the boats which ran this year and recent years past, at Portland:

Comments are by Robert Downhill and Dave Culp


Jean-Yves Salaun of La Flotte, France built this 3-windsurfer triscaph, "Deltamaran." He has experimented with different sails, typically of the "crab-claw" variety shown here.

Jean Hurtado brought 2 of his creations Hurlam and Drac shown here is Hurlam. Its main feature is its monohull, a NACRA 5.9 I believe, with a Tee-shaped framework with floatation pods on the extremities of the Tee. Here's another pic of the boat.
Motive power is supplied by a rogallo type sail across the top of the T. Jean's explanation of how this is tacked is better than mine but basically the boat is rolled through 90 degrees to set the sail on the other tack. A lrage beautifully made steering wheel is provided to assist the manoeuvre and Jean nimbly leaps from one seat to the other protected by a splendid riding hat. He needs appreciable quantities of wind which were not here this week accounting for his best speed of 2.38 Knots


Tony Blofeld designed "Speedwing", a biplane catamaran with double unstayed windsurfer rig. Although very wide, Speedwing is designed to weigh the same as its pilot, to give an all-up weight the same as two windsurfers. Additional photos of Speed Wing, in 1997.


AYRS Director Fred Ball, Surrey on "Tri-Fly", built by Tony Blofeld. Fred fitted new floats in 1996 and continues to re-engineer the boat.

Vari Scari

Vari Scari was sailed by Alan Blundell this variable geometry trimaran comes back each year with minor improvements and one day will show its potential - but not this year. Alan's best speed of 5.01 knots reflected the weather conditions.
Tacking involves altering the geometry so that there the front float moves to leeward, and the pilot jumps from one rear board to the other.

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