Sir Robert Hill

Here's Toastrack at speed, on her foils. Weymouth, 1995(?) This inflatable Catapult catamaran, fairly well known in British waters, is very light and stiff, thus ideal for foil conversion.

Here's her forward starboard foil, looking forward. the foils mount on extensions of the cat's forward cross beam, and retract by rotating forward. Note the fences, and also the vertical extension, at the tip of the main foil.

Forward starboard foil again, this time loking aft.

Here's the aft, tee foil, also retracted forward. It is mounted on a cross bar, set on extensions behind the hulls' transoms. You can just see the starboard rudder head, on the starboard hull. This type of foiler generally runs with the cat's main rudders kicked up, whenever the foil is deployed. It sails quite happily hullborne, with foils retracted, in winds too light to fly.